Thursday, July 20, 2006

In the lions den. Teheran

Calm down, take it easy, it is only Iran. And you wearing scarf, socks, longsleevs, long trousers in the 50 degrees heat. It has medical explanation in that circumstances. If I didn't wear it, I would have sunstroke, for sure.

After saying good bye to our funny happy orange monster, a bunch of people surrounded us and offered cheap hotel, cheap drive, good restaurant, full service. But my ambitious friend, as a real men, wanted to do it by himself. Bougth a map (I think it is first map in this trip), and have discovered that it is only two kilometers to our embassy (yep, almost like hostel).

So after two days in the bus, without breakfast, without water, with 13 kilo heavy bag struggling with morning heat and wearing scarf I followed my friend. Two hundred meters further I was almost dead. Then I saw an american rescue man. Are You OK? He asked. I said no. -So I will give you a lift to your destination. THANK GOD. Few moments later we were near his house, from which this kind man brought me frozen plums. And then we were ready to go to the embassy. I love iranian americans.

All day long we spent looking for some monuments, historic buildings, nice places, mosques... We find one famous bazaar, but some ppl in front of the gate told us about kidnapping of the western tourists. OK, no bazaar. Only interesting place was the Azadi Monument. But it was the pollution what made on me the biggest impression in Teheran.

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